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Paralysis Dejerine-Klumpke or lower obstetric paralysis is characterized by damage to the nerve endings in the lower part of the cervical vertebra and spinal cord. After the child is removed from the birth canal (that is, the birth process is completed), it should be examined by a neonatologist and an anesthesiologist. Specialists should give the newborn an Apgar score. One of the criteria for this scale will be the mobility of the upper and lower extremities.

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At this stage, it is possible to diagnose a birth injury (that is, at the first initial examination of the child). If a birth injury for some reason was not recorded immediately after childbirth, then while the child is in the hospital, he should be examined by a pediatrician and a pediatric neurologist. When diagnosing reduced muscle tone and lack of sensitivity to touch (namely, the hand hangs, it is motionless and the child does not have Moro and Robinson reflexes). Also, there is no oral reflex - the baby does not suck his finger.

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Depending on where the nerve endings were damaged during childbirth, a decrease in sensitivity is observed in the shoulder, in the forearm, in the hand, arm, or in the entire shoulder joint. If the diagnosis sounds like Duchenne-Erb palsy, then the shoulder will be turned inward, and the hand looks like a puppet. The child's head is tilted to the injured side.

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When examining the back, you can see how the scapula is displaced relative to the spine. In obstetric paralysis, brain damage is diagnosed. It manifests itself in the form of: tremor of the limbs, increased arousal, crying. These symptoms indicate the postponed hypoxia - an acute oxygen deficiency.

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The prognosis of treatment depends on: Degrees of damage to muscles and nerve endings; From the moment of viagra (immediately after birth or a few months after). If treatment is started late, then it is almost impossible to restore muscle tone. In the future, the child will suffer from atrophy of the upper limbs, muscle spasms, bone deformities during their growth by age.

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